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Dear Evan,

The new Poweredge 3.7v 160 mah single cell Lipo is fantastic. My MCX helicopter was only giving me 4 to 5 minute flights using two different brands of 3.7v 138 mah batteries. And even some of those would not turn up the motors on the MCX sufficient to get it to get off the deck. I purchased 4 Poweredge 3.7v 160 mah batteries from RCAccessory and am now getting 10 to 12 minute flights on that same MCX helicopter. Next step is to get more of the Poweredge batteries for my other single cell using helicopters and planes.

Joe Piccolo


Dear Evan,

It was a pleasure meeting your staff at the recent AMA expo in Ontario. During that time, I'd purchased a 1300mAh 2S li-po for use in a modified GWS Formosa. I know that you had some inclement weather there in Tampa during that time; we got clobbered here in Southern California soon afterward and I finally got the chance to try the pack yesterday. I had been running an inexpensive 2200mAh pack and I have to say that your PowerEdge pack perfomed as well as or not better despite its smaller physical size (which required a bit of 1/4" foam sheet to take up the slack) and even with a rather high-pitched propeller. I was worried about the possibility of the pack puffing out, but it was as cool to the touch after the maiden flight as before. In short, you have a winner of a product which delivered every bit of what was promised at the show.

Very truly yours,

Ralph Squillace
Morongo Valley, CA


Hi Evan,

Well I finally got a chance to give your PowerEdge battery a check out flight. I had it and a (brand name removed) 25C 2170 mah from Tower Hobbies. Both topped of and flying in a E-flight E 260 with a E-flight 400 motor. Your PowerEdge battery was head and shoulders above the Tower Hobbies battery. In fact, the Tower battery is going to be sent back to them. sorry this took so long but have had a bunch of cold weather here in Michigan.

Paul Hibbard
Millington, MI


"After running the gamut of lithium polymer batteries, from the very expensive to the very inexpensive online brands from overseas, I have to say that the PowerEdge 4S 30C pack I purchased from RC Accessory is hands down the best Lipo battery I have used to date. After 112 cycles (cycle= balance charging to 4.2 =+/- .003 volts per cell usually less of an imbalance than that and discharging as per normal flight to 3.7/ 3.8 per cell ending with < .003 imbalance) mostly powering an Eflite Power 32, used in both an Ultra stick 25e or the Eratix 3D both from Eflite. I did not use a flight pack for the first few flight after breaking the battery in gently, but then went to a flight pack (JR700 mah) because with the Eratix especially I had to go to metal geared servos which pull a lot more current and I wanted to increase flight time. I have not experienced the usual "early cell death" that is so common among the other brand batteries. The PowerEdge has retained it's 30C discharge capability and gives me that burst every far. With out a doubt, the best Lipo I've come across in my relatively short Electric RC career of a little over 2 years. It is more expensive than the cheap online economy brands but less expensive than the so called "high-end" brands you find at the hobby outlets and so far, definitely superior to both."

Thanks for a great product,

Evan Palmerston
Petaluma, CA


Hello Evan,

"I?m very pleased about your batteries and I have spread good words about it in the forum I?m a member of. Do you plan to have some big packs (like 6000 mAh or more) for 1/8 trucks ? I have a Savage Flux that will be happy to eat good lithium for his breakfast!"


Montreal, Quebec Canada


"Hey Evan, yea I got the PowerEdge 6S 5000 battery on Wednesday and put the 6 break in flights and got 3 good flights on it before dark. Man it has the power and seems to hold it all the way through the flight. It balances my T-Rex 600 perfect. Killer climb outs are no problem, but now it's raining for 2 days straight. I hope the weather will clear up and I can get some time on it."

Justin Keaton
Russellville, TN



"Sorry I am a little late giving you an update on the PowerEdge 5S 5000 batteries. Ron rightfully pointed out today when we were flying that I owed you an email.

In summary, I picked up about 3 amps and 250 watts of power over the (brand name removed) measured on a Watts UP meter on the ground. But there was a very noticeable increase in power in the air. Very noticeable. The biggest thing that I think makes a difference is the voltage level that is maintained. Using a Eagle Tree Data Logger to measure voltage, the batteries retained a higher actual voltage over the flight as compared with the (brand name removed). They never dropped below 36 and generally were above 37. Recent emails with Dave Lockhart convinced me that voltage is everything. (should be obvious but I am still learning the nuances of electrics).

Normally fly at 2/3rds throttle even in pulls. Will go to full power in long verticals and have no problems at all. Basically I like the batteries."

John F
NSRCA Masters Pattern Pilot


"Attn: Mr Evan Chapkis: I wish to send my compliments to your company for my introduction this morning to your PowerEdge Lithium battery products. Through courtesy of long time flying buddy Red Scholefield ( he invited me to test fly your battery pack 2200 11.1V (3S) 30c. I used this battery in my RobinHood with Axi 2808-20 motor flying weight 42 ozs.

My RobinHood flew with seemingly extra power (my first experience with 30c) and I thoroughly enjoyed two flights of some duration each. I really was pleased with this combination of power system for this model. Thank you and Red for my first PowerEdge experience. I will plan to make an order soon."

Russ Lewis
Gainesville FL

"The weather was good enough this weekend for me to get out into the back yard at least and try the two 2200mAh 30C packs (had to shovel a little snow of the landing pad first). I'm still at the breaking and adjusting flight time phase, but WOW these packs really deliver the power when it's demanded. I've been flying my T-Rex450SEv2 (430XL motor,13T pinion, CC Phoenix 45 ESC) and was happy, but now with the PowerEdge packs it's like I dropped in a high $$ motor & ESC."

Thank You,

Rich H.
Parlin, NJ


"If you inspect the PowerEdge packs, the quality is perfect. If you test fly the PowerEdge lipoly pack against your current pack, you'll get an increase in power output and speed of your aircraft. As an example, I have an Aspera that I have been flying with a 4S 2200 30 pack from Hong Kong and I never had to back off the throttle. The first flight with the PowerEdge 4S 2200 30C, I had to immediately pull back on the throttle as I thought I was going to pull the wings off! After I got used to the additional speed and power, I made a few high speed passes and the power was amazing. I have recommended the PowerEdge brand to everyone I talk to."


West Pasco Model Flyers Association
New Port Richey, FL