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Don Hamilton


Don was introduced to R/C by a patient and passed his love of the hobby onto his sons Stephen and Jordan. Most weekend afternoons (and sometimes mornings), they pack up their gear and head out for as much R/C as they can squeeze in. If they're not competing, they're sharing the fun of R/C with others. What kind of fun doesn't matter at all. Say the Flying Hamiltons: "If it's R/C, count us in!"






Ronnie LondonHello All, My name is Ronnie London. I'm thirty eight years old and I have been flying radio control for twenty five years. I started out with fixed wing and graduated to helicopters three and a half years ago and have been hooked ever since. I am a certified instructor for our club in fixed wing as well as helicopters. I am also registered with IRCHA in the pit crew program as a nationwide contact for helicopter instruction. There is nothing more I enjoy than traveling the country and spreading the gift of R/C to anyone excited to learn it. To all that, take the time to read this. I wish you the best of luck and all the enjoyment I have received over the past twenty five years and more.

Fly hard get results,

Ronnie London
Team PowerEdgeRC