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Latest updates:

PowerEdge releases new 6600 4S 45C battery for DJI 550 or any 550 size Multi- Rotor Aircraft. The PowerEdge 6600 4S 45C battery is a "low profile" format to enhance the vertical CG especially when a camera is mounted below.

PowerEdge releases new 450 mah 2S 50C battery for the Blade 130X, MCPX BL, and other aircraft that use the JST PH disharge/balance lead.

PowerEdge releases new 4200 45C series batteries.

PowerEdge releases new PowerSwitch. The PowerSwitch is a rx or ignition switch for RC Models that is made from CNC aluminum with an industrial 20 Amp toggle Switch. The PE-Switch-Univ has 22 awg universal power leads for standard glow aircraft application. The PowerSwitch has a built in external charge jack and the universal edition is rated for up to 5 Amps. The PE-Switch-Deans is rated for up 20 Amps for giant scale aicraft using Li-Ion, Li-Poly, or Li-Fe batteries.

PowerEdge lowers the pricing on the 60C aircraft batteries by more than 25%!
PowerEdge batteries are now supported for up to 8C charge rates! With the appropriate charger, now charge in less than 30 minutes!

PowerEdge offers you a premium lithium battery at a reasonable cost. Buy online or ask for PowerEdge lithium batteries at your local hobby shop.